Welcome to our links collection


Here you can find Lindy Hop and swing related links to stuff that we like.


facebook.com - Swingin' Hepcats on Facebook

heptown.com – our Lindy Hop friends in Malmö and Lund (Sweden)

swingshoes.dk – our Lindy Hop friends in Copenhagen

balboaland.dk – our Balboa friends in Copenhagen

danseglad.dk – our Charleston friend in Copenhagen

aarhuslindyhoppers.ning.com – our Lindy Hop friends in Aarhus

swingtheshoes.dk - our Lindy Hop friends in Odense

hepcat.se – Swedish online store with shoes, clothes, music, magazines etc.

yehoodi.com – global Lindy Hop / swing community based in USA. Including swing radio and TV, incl. talkshows

swingdjs.com- the place for those who love to listen to, play and talk about swing music

herrang.com – the world’s biggest and most amazing Lindy Hop / swing dance camp

www.charliescotts.dk - the home of classic jazz in Copenhagen

jazzhouse.dk - Scandinavia's leading jazz club