Can I get a refund?

If you have to cancel your registration for some of our classes, you can get a full refund, if:

- You cancel no later than 3 days before a beginners workshop

- You cancel no later than 3 days before the first Thursday class on level 2

- You cancel no later than 14 days before the first Thursday class on level 3-6 + Authentic Jazz.

- For international workshops etc. there might be other deadlines for cancellation.


If you don't meet these requirements, we will not be able to give you any refund.

Do I need a dance partner?

No you don’t, although you are of course welcome to bring one.

At Hepcats Copenhagen we emphasize the social aspect of Lindy Hop and we therefore change dance partners constantly during the classes and workshops.

You should be aware, though, that it is easier to get accepted to the classes if you bring a partner, since we are rather strict about the men / women ratio, so that everybody can get a good experience with lots of dancing.

Do I need to be physically fit to dance swing?

It does help to be in good physical shape, although on the beginners’ levels, the intensity is not very high.
Lindy Hop can also help improve your fitness in a fun and social way.

How can I find information about upcoming swing events?

If you keep an eye on our web calendar, you will get an overview of all the Lindy Hop / swing events taking place in Copenhagen plus “special” events in the Öresund area plus a huge number of international workshops in Europe (and elsewhere).


Also, app. every two weeks we send out a news letter concerning all the swing related stuff going on in Copenhagen.


Sometimes things happen fairly quickly, and therefore we sometimes also use Facebook as a supplement to the calendar.



You can join these Facebook groups if you want to be kept up to date:

Hepcats Copenhagen


Our fanpage:



In what language do you teach your swing classes?

All our teachers speak Danish but can teach in English and normally do so if there is just one non-Danish speaker in the class (which is often the case). However, you can always ask for something to be explained in Danish as well.

Is swing dancing dangerous?

No, but it is highly addictive!

Is there a student discount?

All full time students get a 100 DKK discount if you have a valid student card.

Is there any reason I shouldn’t dance Lindy Hop?

We can’t really think of any!

Isn’t it all about throwing the lady around?

No, the social dance part of Lindy Hop is mostly without acrobatics and throws.

Once you get to the more advanced levels of Lindy Hop, you will however have a chance to learn some of the classic air steps (throws) from the 30´s and 40´s.

What are the age requirements?

We have members from all age groups, although the average age is probably around 25-35.


You need to be at least 15 years old to take Hepcats Copenhagen classes.

What classes do you offer?


All our students start out with the beginners’ workshop unless you have previous Lindy Hop experience. Then we will find a level that is right for you.


Our weekly classes are split into six levels, level 2-Top (level 1 being the beginners’ workshop). We also sometimes have a show team for those who want to take their Lindy Hop to a higher level and also perform.


We also teach “authentic jazz”; solo jazz dancing with inspiration from the 30’s-40’s.


We are currently also offering theme classes ranging from Collegiate Shag, Slow Lindy, Musicality to Feedback classes where you go into depth with your own dancing with your teachers.



Every year, we also arrange 2-4 workshops with teachers from around the world and very often students coming from abroad.


In addition to Hepcats Copehagen's workshops, there are workshops all over the world almost every weekend of the year. Some of them even last for several weeks, such as the famous Herrang Dance Camp in Sweden with over 5000 dancers from every place on the planet.


You can read more in our calendar, which probably has the most comprehensive of international workshops in Europe (and elsewhere) to be found anywhere.


But it is of course also perfectly fine to “just” take our weekly classes on Thursdays.

What is the price and how do I pay for classes?


You can always see the price of the classes in the description for the class under "Sign up" on the web site.


In general the prices are these:

- beginners workshops are 250 dkk.

- Thursday classes are 400 dkk for 5 weeks of classes (level 3 and up) and 600 dkk for 10 weeks of Classes (level 2). Each class is 75 minutes).

- "special" workshops etc. have separate prices.


Membership for a semester (spring or autumn) is 50 dkk.


How to pay:

When your registration for classes / workshops is accepted, you will receive an e-mail with payment info. Please do not pay, if you haven't received a confirmation mail, and please remember to state your name and other details as mentioned in the mail.

What kind of music can I dance Lindy Hop to?

At events, where Swingin' Hepcats provides the DJ, we most often try to stick to classic swing music, as this is the music that Lindy Hop evolved together with. But you can swing dance to a lot of music, including neo-swing which was quite popular in the 90's, when the Lindy Hop revival took off.


You can often find CDs with classic swing bands very cheap.


Single songs often can most often be found as downloads on iTunes at app. 8-10 dkk per song.



To give you some idea of the music and artists that we like to dance to, here is the playlist from one of our "in-house" DJs from the last time he played at a Swingin' Hepcats event:


Louis Armstrong & His All Stars:  Keepin' Out Of Mischief Now

Duke Ellington:  Perdido

The Big 18: Celery Stalks At Midnight

Sy Oliver: Move

Benny Goodman & His Orchestra; Marge & Gower Champion: Jersey Bounce

Rex Stewart: Tain't Like That (01-26-45)

Billie Holiday: Miss Brown To You

Ben Webster: Blue Skies

Chick Webb: It's Foxy

Cootie Williams & His Rug Cutters & Duke Ellington and His : Orchestra: Ain't The Gravy Good?

Illinois Jacquet: Jacquet In the Box

Naomi & Her Handsome Devils: Take It Easy Greasy

Fats Waller: Spring Cleaning

Duke Ellington: The "C" Jam Blues

Annisteen Allen & Lucky Millinder: There's Good Blues Tonight

Louis Armstrong: Ain't Misbehavin'

Cootie Williams: G-Men (05-07-41)

Harry James & His Orchestra: Flatbush Flanagan

Charlie Barnet: Cherokee

Sy Oliver: Yes Indeed

Count Basie: One O'Clock Jump

Chick Webb: Sing Me A Swing Song

Duke Ellington: In a Mellow Tone

Cootie Williams and His Orchestra: He Should'a Flip'd When He Flop'd

Harry James & His Orchestra: Music Makers

Mary Lou Williams, Andy Kirk & His Clouds Of Joy: A Mellow Bit Of Rhythm

Count Basie: Pennies From Heaven

Fats Waller: Yacht Club Swing

Artie Shaw: Let'er Go

Artie Shaw: Just Kiddin Around

We will update this page once in a while, so feel free to come back for more musical inspiration.


Where can I find ideas for more music?

If you are very interested in swing music, some very interesting tips / discussions can be found on swingdjs.com (click here). Or you can talk to our DJs at our swing events - they will be happy to share ideas with you.



What should I wear?

There is no dress code in Lindy Hop. For the beginners’ workshop, we recommend loose and comfy clothing such as t-shirts and sweatpants as you will get quite a workout. For the ladies, a good sports bra is recommended.


For shoes, most people wear indoor trainers. After a while many people “upgrade” to swing dance shoes that have more slippery soles. Dance shoes for tango/ballroom or other high heeled shoes are not recommended for Lindy Hop.


At concerts and parties, many people dress up in 30´s and 40´s style clothing, although this is in no way required.

Where can I go out and dance Lindy Hop in Copenhagen?

Weekly social dance

Every Thursday after our classes we arrange social dancing, most often in one of the rooms where we teach the classes at Idrætsfabrikken.
On Sundays there is social dancing arranged by us at Kulturhuset Indre By from 15.00 to 18.00 (or 16.00-19.00) – entrance free (the first Sunday of every month including a free intro to swing dancing).
On Tuesdays there is social swing dancing at Studenterhuset from 19.30 to 23.00 - entrance free.
The first Wednesday of every month there is live music and social dancing at Café AE at Nørrebro.
Every Saturday in the spring and summer Tivolis Big Band plays swing music live in Tivoli.

Live concerts
As part of our “mission” we sometimes (co)arrange live concerts.

Summer swing
In the summer time, Tivolis big band plays swing  and we often go there to dance.

And then there are the numerous other jazz concerts in Copenhagen that we sometimes "swing storm" and dance at.

Read more about all the events in our calendar at www.swingdans.dk

Why do I have to change dance partner all the time?

For your own sake. Lindy Hop is an improvised dance. By changing dance partners often, you learn to actually lead or follow your partner instead of learning a routine with a set of predefined moves. Lindy Hop is taught this way all over the world.

Why don't I receive an e-mail, when I register for classes?

We have learnt that some spam filters categorize our e-mails as spam.


Therefore: please check your spam filter, if you have signed up for classes at www.swingdans.dk, and you don't receive e-mails from us.