Dear all,

Earlier this year many of you participated in a “vision meeting” and brought forward a lot of thoughts and ideas. In the Hepcats board we have continued to work with this input, and we would like to share our thoughts on what major themes we have chosen to focus on. We know that we have not yet addressed everything, but we hope that all of you who participated can recognise some of the themes below. For those of you who weren’t there: These thoughts are of course for you as well.


Improving the level and challenging the top

With a Lindy Hop scene as big as ours, our ambition should be that both the top and lower levels of dancing in Copenhagen become stronger. This could bring additional challenges for members on the higher levels, the possibility for talented members to achieve their full potential, and ultimately a better experience for all dancers regardless of their level.

We have already started working on some ideas to achieve this, including:

- Smaller workshops with international teachers between our major events, CopHop and LHTA

- Providing practice facilities outside the classes.

- An annual audition for the highest level of classes.

- Re-introducing a dedicated show team.

- Possibly providing special learning opportunities for the most talented and most ambitious dancers.


Welcoming new dancers

Most members will probably agree that the social dancing is the best part of the community. But as a new member it is not always easy to get started. We have a special obligation to make less experienced dancers feel welcome at the social dancing.

Some ideas we are working on here are:

- The higher levels “crashing” levels 2 and 3 – some of you have already experienced that.

- Orchestrate ways for people to dance with someone they do not normally dance with

- Introducing classes on special themes targeted dancers regardless of levels.


An active scene

Our mission in Swingin’ Hepcats is not only to provide weekly classes and additional workshops. Together with the other local swing dancing societies, we want to build on the active social dance scene in Copenhagen. We do this by organising our own events and by taking part in and/or sponsoring other events that benefit our members. This fall there have been – and will be – many opportunities for social dancing:

- Weekly events on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays (plus other days where we’re not involved)

- Parties in connection with CopHop and smaller workshops

- Kulturnatten, the Christmas events,…stay tuned – more may come


Involving the members

Swingin’ Hepcats has a large member community with a lot good ideas and many of you would like to become involved. Your involvement could be anything from offering a hand at a specific event to planning and executing events or finding new and creative ways to make Swingin’ Hepcats better.

Some ideas we are working on here are:

- Improve the use of Facebook etc. to organise groups around specific topics, events,…

- Have “vision meetings” such as the one in the spring at regular intervals

- Delegate responsibility – not only for simple tasks but also for ownership of new initiatives.


Last but not least

Above are the major themes that we in the board have chosen to focus on, but we would like to hear your input. Please mail us your thoughts to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. – or come and find us Thursdays, Sundays or at other social events – we would love to hear from you.


Best regards


The board, aka Benedikte, Hannah, Lise, Peder og Ulrik.